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Top-notch personal training with flexible options: You select the level of service, a convenient time, and the location that suits you best.  I make the logistics easy so you can focus on the workout.

Whether you prefer to meet one-on-one, with a partner or buddy, or as a small group of friends, we can train at your  Twin Cities location*, or at Flex Appeal in the Mac-Groveland neighborhood of Saint Paul.

Depending on your current fitness level,  your past exercise and injury history, and your goals, some types of training sessions may be more appropriate than others. Check out a few of the different types of sessions I offer below. If you’re looking for something not listed there, I can customize your workouts to address your specific needs and help you reach your goals.  I also offer affordable  group sessions, and I lead outdoor fitness meet-ups, too. To learn more about group sessions and meet-ups, click right  here.

60-Minute Training/Coaching Sessions

Private/One-on-One Session: $80
Package of 10 Sessions – Use Any Time: $750 ($75 each session)
Package of 15 Sessions – Use Any Time: $1,050 ($70 each session)

Small Group/Buddy Sessions: Cost varies according to number of buddies
2 People: $40 per person
3 People: $35 per person
4 People: $30 per person
5 People: $25 per person

30-Minute Training/Coaching Sessions 

Private/One-on-One Session –  $45
Package of 10 Sessions – Use Any Time:  $420 ($42 each)
Package of 15 Sessions – Use Any Time: $600 ($40 each)

Small Group/Buddy Sessions: Cost varies according to number of buddies
2 People – $25 per person
3 People – $20 per person
4 People – $17 per person
5 People – $15 per person

The Risk Reducer is perfect for those who are just getting back into exercise or who have never exercised before. If you have been diagnosed with or are at risk for developing a lifestyle-related chronic condition such as heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, atherosclerosis or metabolic syndrome, then this gentle introduction to exercise is a good fit for you.

The Fitness Booster 
If you have some weight to lose and would like to improve strength, mobility and overall fitness, then a Get Fit session is a good place to start. Each session will typically consist of cardio, strength, balance and mobility components. You don’t need to have any prior exercise experience for this type of session, but if you have been diagnosed with a lifestyle-related chronic condition, then we will start out very slowly.

The Body Sculptor
If your goals include building or toning muscles or achieving significant strength gains, then a Body Sculpting session is perfect for you. Your trainer will apply the latest exercise science to help you achieve results you haven’t been able to get on your own. This is an intermediate-level training session, so if you aren’t currently exercising at least two to three days on your own, you may want to start out with a few Fitness Booster sessions before we move on to this one.

The Fat Burner
For those who have signed up for weight loss coaching or are going through a third-party weight loss program on their own, this is an hour-long workout designed to teach you how to maximize your exercise calorie burn. These sessions are highly customized to the individual, so the Fat Burner is suitable for all fitness levels.

The Warrior
If you’re looking for a trainer to push you to the next level, test your limits and help you find the physical excellence within, then you need high performance training. These workouts are highly customized to the individual and perfect for aspiring or experienced runners, obstacle course athletes, triathletes, police/fire/military, or anyone who just wants to find their inner warrior.

Virtual Coaching
If you don’t live in the Twin Cities, you can still benefit from working with a fitness expert. You and I will communicate through a series of emails and/or online chats to build a highly customized wellness program designed to help you meet your unique fitness goals. I’ll check in with you frequently throughout the month to make sure you’re on track and to answer any questions you may have. This service includes two 15-minute video chats via Skype or FaceTime per month. This is an auto-renewing monthly subscription program, but of course you can cancel at any time.  Cost: $150/month

*In-home services are offered throughout Saint Paul and within select parts of Minneapolis and other Saint Paul suburbs. A trip charge of $15 per session applies to locations outside of that area. Use the Contact Form if you aren’t sure whether your location falls within the included area.

To schedule a free consultation or training session, get in touch using the Contact Form.