Still Reading Food Labels? Then You’re Still Doing It Wrong

If you want to make dietary changes that will really get results, then scanning package labels for things like grams of protein, fat, sugar and fiber is not the way to do it. I explain why in this article I wrote for the PBS website, NextAvenue.

Bottom line: To boost health, improve athletic performance and shed unwanted pounds, a plant-based whole food diet is the gold standard.

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The Most Important Book I’ve Ever Read

Listen up everybody, because I have something important to share! Important isn’t really even the right word. Given the health crises our world is facing today, terms like “critical,” “crucial,” “essential,” and “absolutely necessary” might be more appropriate.

Dr. Michael Greger is the creator and producer of the indispensable website, where he has posted thousands of short, informative articles and videos on all topics relating to health and nutrition. He works tirelessly day after day reviewing the latest medical and scientific research, then he expertly turns those long, boring, technical papers into easy-to-understand information that anyone can access anytime for free. Whenever I have a question about nutrition and health, is the first place I go to find answers.

Now Dr. Greger has summarized much of that research into a book, How Not to Die. After a flabbergasting introduction where he recounts the story of his grandmother’s struggle with heart disease, he goes on to talk about the 15 leading causes of death in the US and exactly what you can do to avoid them. Then it gets even better: in Part 2, he lays out specific and simple diet and exercise guidelines for everyone.

Shortly after the release of the book, Dr. Greger’s team developed an app designed to help you follow those diet and exercise guidelines. I’ve been using the app for about two weeks, and I can honestly say they have been the healthiest two weeks of my life. The app, called “Dr. Greger’s Daily Dozen,” is free and available for both Android and iPhone.

If you care at all about your health, if you want to learn how to stop and reverse disease, if you want to live a long, healthy, productive life, then buy this book and do what it says.

101 Exercises You Can Do At Home

As a fitness professional, I’ve heard every excuse imaginable for why people don’t exercise. A couple of my least favorites are, “I don’t have room in my house for a home gym,” and “I don’t have any good exercise equipment.” For well under $500 (less than a one year membership for just one family member at most gyms) you can put together a comprehensive, compact home gym that allows you to work your entire body effectively in the comfort of your own home.

Rather than describe it to you in words, we made this short video which demonstrates 100 exercises you can do with a home gym that fits into a 2′ X 4′ space. I’ve included a list of the exercises, in the order shown, below the link to the video. Enjoy!