By Gail Asche
In the 170’s…

Well, I did it.  I ran out of excuses and completed my first workout with Rashelle Brown of Full Steam Fitness!  I thought long and hard for a plausible reason not to have to.  My imagination ran dry.  I tried “my dog ate it…” – seems that one is situational.  Ho hum.  Nothing ventured and all of that.

I’m delighted to report that it doesn’t hurt to blink today and typing appears to be painless if I stay in one position so I’d say we had a successful workout!

Unlike other personal training and gym class experiences, Rashelle doesn’t drag her training sessions out for an hour.  She can inflict her special brand of ‘Badass Sculpting’ in half this time.  I think that’s the official name for my training now… “Badass Sculpting”.  We don’t have long pauses and rest periods that drift off into a conversation about this or that… although I’m proud of myself for being able to squeeze in a thorough critique of Charlize Theron’s new movie, Atomic Blonde, that I had seen the night before (I’ll come back to that).  Nope.  Nothing like that.  No, we focus.  FO-CUSS!  Lack of focus does result in extra reps.  I learned this yesterday.  Rashelle is perfectly capable of counting to ten, but if your form sucks or your effort is even slightly below 100, she’ll keep counting.

Accountability apparently.  She really is a delight though.

So, it turns out I know the cheat for most exercises, including where to position my gaze to make push-ups easier – yes, this is an actual thing.  I’ll rush to my own defense and share that I didn’t realize one’s eye position affected push-up intensity.  I know it now though.  Standing above me, with an almost vertical line of vision to the back of my head this woman knew where I was looking.  That’s a handy skill to have if you’re in the business of torturing training people.  I’m pretty sure the position of my head and neck didn’t change after she instructed me to look at a specific spot on the floor, so I’m not sure how the she-devil knew.  She figured it out quickly too – I’d only done about two and she was on it… bam!  Push-up form perfected.  Check!  Remember, she is a delight.

Jokes aside, I feel great today and I really am glad I couldn’t find a feasible excuse to skip my session again.  As Rashelle had previously told me, I was capable of more than I had imagined, certainly more than I gave myself credit for.  I have my ‘homework’ to complete between now and our next session which I will be diligent about.  I’m sure the ‘excuse machine’ will kick into production before the next one, but I’m going to do my best to shut it down!  I’m now focusing on attaining Charlize Theron’s form (from the Atomic Blonde movie – remember?), that’s the only reason I downloaded the picture.

Undoubtedly Ms. Theron has a trainer like Rashelle and she probably knows where to look for push-ups.  I’d suggest a little trip to the movies if you haven’t already seen Atomic Blonde – you too will be inspired to work out!