Part 2 – Still 180
By Gail Asche

A vital component to having a Personal Trainer is actually meeting up with them and completing the prescribed workouts.  I know this.  I understand this.  However, I have yet to complete one.  To be fair, (to me) I was genuinely unwell for two weeks.  This week I just used the last two weeks as an excuse, and one headache I legitimately had.  I am weak-willed.

I worked out on Monday on my own and decided to throw in three sets of lunges – with weights.  My thighs were screaming for the next two days and it was on the second of these days that I was supposed to workout with Rashelle.  I might actually be her worst client.  Probably.

In an attempt to show a modicum of enthusiasm (and avoid being fired as a client) I invited Rashelle on a bike ride with me.  We’ve ridden before, but just toodling around town with our wives visiting breweries, and one other time when I was trying to help her understand gear transitions.  You’ll remember from my last post, Part One, that I’m a cycling enthusiast.  I love cycling.  In my mind, I could ride in a peloton with Froome, Cavendish, Contador et al, in reality, of course, I would need a week to complete one stage of Le Tour – at least.

All out of excuses I agreed to ride with Rashelle today and I elected to ride the ‘slower’ of my two bikes “so that Rashelle could ‘keep up’ with me.”  That was a mistake.  It’s an ‘off-the-shelf’ bike, I believe it’s made of steel and the tubes may be reinforced with cement because that is how it feels to ride it.  It also doesn’t like hills.  I tell this to anyone I encounter on or near a hill when I am trying to ride up one… the bike doesn’t like hills.  If I have an audience for any length of time I’ll also point out that I’m wearing normal training shoes and using run-of-the-mill pedals instead of clipping-in as I would on my carbon fiber, butter-like-gear-shifting road bike.

Rashelle kicked my arse.  And stomped on it.  She beat me at my ‘own game’.  We were only going on a little nine-mile loop – nothing too intense, a couple of little inclines, a couple of hills… I lost sight of her twice.  On her lady-shopper bike – with every accessory imaginable including mudguards, panniers and a bell… a bloody bell!  Lost sight of her.  I even tried to ‘cash-in’ on the fact that she is probably unaware of the additional effort it takes to ‘pull’ a rider behind you but I couldn’t always keep-up enough to draft.  I was bouncing through gears like a woman possessed and I couldn’t even draft behind her!  If she wasn’t the super athlete that she is I would be devastated right now… I’m a little hurt, I’m not going to lie… but more than that – I’m motivated.  That was probably her plan all along. Rashelle knows I’d like my old cycling form back and that I would like to register double digit speeds on inclines.  It must have been her plan all along to ride her absolute hardest to spur me into action.  It worked!

Between now and my scheduled workout with Rashelle next Wednesday I commit to riding my big old clunky bike every day IN ADDITION to completing a workout.  No more excuses.  I’ll let you know how it goes.