If you go to Google and type ‘new runner’ you’ll get more than nine million results. Yep, nine… yep, million. By now we all know that the list that Google gives us is either sponsored – paid to be on the list, or merit based results – on the list based on reviews and impressions (how many ‘clicks’). I started clicking and found some pretty interesting information – some tragic cliché’s like “remember to tie your shoes”, which quite frankly if you need reminding you hadn’t ought to be out in public, some tear-inducing stories of inspiration “running saved my marriage”, some self-deprecating “I ran from chubby” (these were my favorite) to some self-professed miracles “drink coconut water with a lychee and bulgar blend to increase stamina” – ok, I made that last one up, but you know what I’m talking about.

Like a lot of fitness bloggers (self-awarded title), I used to be fitter, thinner, faster… twenty – but no more. I hit my forties like the hippo from the Madagascar movies – overweight, sassy, drowning in denial, yet inexplicably flexible (it’s a mystery). When I was 41 years and one day old, I weighed 40 pounds more than I had when I was 39 years and one day old… I wanted to blame my metabolism, Minnesota winters, patellofemoral syndrome, and a bone spur on my hip (the last two were diagnosed by an actual physician). And, while each of these factors undoubtedly played a part, the change was a result of my over-eating and dramatic change in physical activity… i.e. I got lazy and ate too much.

Luckily for me, my good friend Rashelle Brown is a Personal Trainer, Wellness Coach, Fitness Guru and all-round Badass-maker, so instead of reading 9 million blogs of varying quality, I decided to ask Rashelle to help me back to fitness. I’ll be sharing my journey via Rashelle’s website, giving the entire world a weekly update of my progress – or lack thereof if I waiver in my commitment.

This is week 1 – I weigh 180 pounds, eat fairly well – I’m a sometimes vegan, can’t fit into any of my ‘regular clothes’, and silently argue and negotiate with myself about every physical activity I plan.
– I’ll run 2 miles will turn into I’ll run and walk for 30 minutes, and even that can be negotiated down to – that’s a mile and I’m only a block from home.

Every day I have the best intentions for tomorrow. Once an avid cyclist clocking up over 100 miles a week, I fell twice during my last ride and I hadn’t gone two miles from my house. So, I am putting my faith in Rashelle and working to restore confidence in myself – I’ll keep you posted.