Last week I checked in with Sarah, a virtual weight loss client who set a goal to lose 100 pounds in 2017, and she had great news to report: 9 pounds lost for the month of April (bringing her total weight loss since the New Year to 28 pounds) and her pants are getting loose! After a couple of slow but steady months, I asked Sarah what she did in April that led to such great success. Here’s what she had to say.

Q: What did you do differently this month to put up such a big number?

A: Two things. First, I subscribed the a meal plan program (Well Vegan) and followed the plan. Previously, I had been trying a different plan, but I found it was a lot of prep work. This plan fits in better with my schedule and abilities in the kitchen, and it isn’t overwhelming to follow! I also took advantage of the bridge/walkway closure at work! (Though I do feel a little silly taking “credit” for this change.) Our walkway from parking to office is closed for repairs meaning a .7 mile walk is now 1.5. It’s an easy built in 3 miles extra each day and a pretty walk along the river! I try not to take the shuttle unless it is raining and have been looking forward to the walks to and from the office.

Q: How will you carry your success from last month forward? Does this feel like something that’s sustainable over the long-term?

A: I’m going to continue with the plan, the walks, and the general increase in outdoor activity now that it is nicer outside! Yes, it’s absolutely sustainable. These habits are beginning to feel like my new “normal.”

Q: What’s the best advice you can give someone reading this who wants to achieve their own weight loss goals?

A: Find what works for you and make it your own! I have had greatest success when I stopped worrying about doing everything perfectly right away and allowed myself to use what worked best for me. Also, it helps to have friends and Rashelle to encourage you along the way!

Maybe without even knowing it, Sarah is implementing a lot of the principles from the Reboot Your Body step-by-step program.

  • She selected a tried a nutrition plan, and after finding that it wasn’t working for her, she used what she learned to seek out a plan more in tune with her available time and skills in the kitchen.
  • She also took what could have been a huge obstacle – the closure of the bridge she used to walk over to get to work – and turned it into a major opportunity. Rather than shrugging her shoulders and taking the shuttle to and from work each day, she now walks more than twice as far, burning – yes, that’s right – twice as many calories during her commute!
  • Sarah is also using her network of friends, family and her coach to stay motivated and accountable. This can be especially valuable when life gets busy and other priorities try to crowd out your healthy habits. To find out more about virtual weight loss coaching, check out the details of my plans here, or send me a message from the Contact page.