I checked in with Sarah at the end of January and she had some great news to report: 7 pounds lost in the first month of her weight loss challenge!

While she was happy with the progress she’d made, she said determinedly, “I want more!”

I asked Sarah what three things she had learned over the past month, and here were her replies:

  1. Having a successful day means making the right choices over and over, sometimes every hour or even more often.
  2. It helps to be accountable to someone you are not related to or know otherwise (a coach).
  3. I’m learning to really utilize the resources that are available, and to not be afraid to make mistakes or try new things.

The actions Sarah took in January that helped her drop those 7 pounds included pre-planning her meals and her activity for the entire week every Saturday or Sunday (which she sent to me in the form of a spreadsheet), and exploring different fitness centers in her area. I recommended that she shop around by taking advantage of each gym’s free trial membership in order to find one that she felt comfortable in and that had the equipment and services she wanted. It also gave her the opportunity to get in some great workouts!

Sarah will check back in at the end of February and let us know how she did, what she learned, and what tips she can share with you.

What are you doing to lose weight or get healthy this month?